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About Mark

The Business     Therapist
Everything business owners and entrepreneurs need to succeed, today
Mark does not sit on a cushy leather chair while you lie on the couch. Unless, of course, you do your best thinking while being horizontal. 

All kidding aside, The Business Therapist is not a trained psychologist. He has a very diverse leadership skillset teamed with an approach that aligns with what business owners and entrepreneurs require in an advisor today.

His Business Therapy practice combines the best elements of three essential disciplines (strategic advising, business coaching, and stress counseling) into one holistic approach that delivers sustainable breakthrough performance.​

He brings fresh insights, unbiased perspectives, and business clarity to his client's complex issues providing unique, practical, and best practice solutions.


His clients value being able to attain maximum results while maintaining an optimal work-life balance. And they appreciate having a skilled listener with a high level of integrity, intellectual vigor, and empathy on their side.

Prior Experience

Prior to founding On The Mark Advisors, Mark Style served as...

  • Strategic Sales Operations Leader at Vertex, a market leader in tax software, technology, and services.

  • Commercial Operations Director at IQVIA, a leading market intelligence provider to the pharmaceutical and health care industries.


  • Vice-President of Business Operations at TATA, in a division he helped grow from start-up to market-leading global telecom carrier.

  • Director of Strategic Marketing & Research and Manager of Finance at Comcast

  • Financial Analyst at Procter & Gamble


Mark is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and earned

post-graduate certifications in competitive strategy, team building, decision sciences, and forecasting.

The Business     Therapist


That's why I offer business owners like you a FREE 30-minute session on the topic of your choice." — Mark Style, The Business Therapist

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