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The Business     Therapist
Here is a more detailed view of the diverse expertise Mark brings to the table along with the associated Business Therapy discipline

Business Sales & Operations
Business Coaching

Do you have effective frameworks, processes, and technologies to support and augment selling and operational success?


Whether it’s getting a handle on rapid growth, considering a strategic shift, or improving back-office efficiencies, Mark collaboratively develops, designs, and implements strategies for your unique business situation.

Mark's Expertise Includes:

  • Target market scoping and messaging

  • CRM design and best practices

  • Maximizing sales productivity

  • Territory planning

  • Incentive compensation

  • Analytics

Financial Data
Business & Sales Operations
Pricig Strategy&Tactics

Pricing Strategy & Tactics:
Strategic Advising 

Does your pricing structure compel prospects and retain customers? Does it truly capture the differentiated value your business provides or might you be leaving money on the table? 


Mark optimizes your pricing to address competitive pressures and inertia affecting customer acquisition. Mark's expertise helps address these pricing issues by:


  • Applying proven pricing principles to unique situations

  • Capturing and structuring your distinctive value proposition

  • Knowing the benefits of bundling and discounting

  • Understanding when it may make sense to take a deal loss 

  • Remaining mindful of competitive forces

  • Transitioning from project-based to recurring revenue models

ROI & Cost Optimization

ROI, Return on Time, & Cost    Optimization Strategies
Strategic Advising & Business Coaching  

Are you maximizing your revenues, ROI, Return on Time, and the bottom line?

Mark identifies and leverages opportunities to ensure your business operates at peak performance. 


Mark assists clients in uncovering and resolving obstacles and issues before they become problems. 

Mark's Expertise Includes:

  • Streamlining processes to do more with less

  • Unearthing ‘blind spots’

  • Business and financial modeling

  • Improving procurement effectiveness

  • Diversifying product portfolio to reduce risk

Young businessman
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Contract Negotiation
Business Coaching

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time you are required to spend on negotiating?  It seems like we’re always negotiating – with employees, vendors, or partners.


Your ability to negotiate well can be the difference between a successful, happy, profitable company and its opposite. The key is seeing things from the other side’s perspective and ensuring a win from that POV. Mark adds value for the novice, experienced, and advanced negotiators via:


  • Preparation: Knowing the best outcomes for both parties.

  • Strategy: Knowing you and your counterpart’s strengths, weaknesses, and leverage points; seeing several moves ahead.

  • Approach: Listening and absorbing are tantamount

  • Tactics: Understanding that silence is golden; structuring to win

  • Audience: Finding the influencer / decision-maker

  • Stages: Mastering the initial offer, identifying fallbacks, discerning BATNA

Contract Negotiation

Business  Clarity
Stress Counseling  

Seeking ways to maintain clarity and control when there's too much on your plate and mind? 


Mark has enlightened clients on ways to reduce stress, achieve more balance, and make wiser decisions when under duress. 

Additionally, his systemized approach helps business owners and entrepreneurs prioritize tasks and wisely optimize their time.

Mark's Expertise Includes:

  • Achieving a better work-life balance

  • Dealing with uncertainty

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome 

  • Handling adversity

Business Strategy
The Business     Therapist


That's why I offer business owners like you a FREE 30-minute session on the topic of your choice." — Mark Style, The Business Therapist

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